Welcome to the colorful world of Stephanie Sersich.

stephanie-5I am a fiber-artist, jewelry designer and glass beadmaker. While I work in several media, my signature jewelry incorporates a mixture of my own lampwork beads, vintage glass, ethnic beads, natural materials and fibers.

Since I was threading yarn through pasta I have been making jewelry. My mom, Annie, is an artist too and was always doing art projects in the house while I was growing up. My mom collects ethnic jewelry and eclectic art. She sews wild (but elegant) clothing and knits stop-you-on-the-street sweaters. From her, I’ve inherited a love of beads and fibers as well as the desire to create unique wearables by hand.

In college, I studied metalsmithing and painting. I loved the engineering process of the metal work and colors of the painting. As a bead-collector, I was tempted to try and make my own glass beads. Lampworking is an ancient glass-working technique whereby one winds glass rods around a steel mandrel over flame to build layers of color. There it was, the amalgamation of color and texture I craved.

I taught myself a variety of traditional stringing and knotting techniques and developed a few of my own. The “Spiny Knotting” technique I developed allows more beads and small treasures to be bound into a single piece, so each one of the “ingredients” adds a distinct energy that works to complement all the others. Though these collections take the form of jewelry pieces, I think of myself as a creator of “talismanic objects”…or maybe just “revolving wearable vignettes”. I live on the coast of Maine and love to spend time in my garden and studio, combining different colors and textures, whether beady or floral.

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